Gear up your emergency bag with a bottled honey

The Philippines is prone to many kinds of calamities such as typhoon and earthquake. Our government is proactively creating awareness to the public due to a 7.2 magnitude earthquake threat. On July 30, Thursday, there will be a Metro Manila Shakedrill, aiming to promote a culture of preparedness among Manilenyos in the event of the big one due to the movement of the West Valley Fault. Everyone is encouraged to join.

But aside from participating in the earthquake drill, each household must prepare a ‘grab bag’ that can help them survive during calamities. The bag should have some easy-to-open canned food, medicine kit, clothing, mobile phone, bottled water, flashlight, important documents, among others.

My dearest friend, the author of, ordered pure raw honey in a PET plastic container, along with other sizes which are in glass bottles. She said the one in a plastic bottle will be part of his son’s emergency bag.

And now you’re wondering…

Honey has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Its antibacterial properties can heal wounds. It can be your source of energy during bad times. And most of all, it won’t rot. So gear up your ‘grab bag’ with a bottled pure raw honey now.