SCMUTYA Enterprises is a family-owned business that manage by us, the “Tres Marias”, together with our very supportive spouses. It was founded on October 2014 due to our eagerness to support and promote local products that we are using for several years. The pure raw honey from Sierra Madre in Quezon was our first baby then.

We posted classified ads online, created social channels and joined different bazaars in order to sell. Fortunately, there’s a great demand for healthy and natural products when we entered the business.

We are a DTI-certified retailer of pure raw honey in the Philippines. Now we’re looking forward to bring more nature’s products close to your home.

Profit isn’t and shouldn’t be the mission of business. The mission of business is to help people. To help your customers, your co-workers, your employees, and your partners. Success is not a number — it’s not X dollars or Y customers — it’s a measurement of VALUE.  – Fran Tarkenton