Raw Honey Aids Sleeping Disorder

Are you suffering from lack of decent sleep? Do you wake up during the wee hours and hardly falls back asleep? Try to use natural products such as raw honey to aid your sleeping problem. According to some research online, our body must release melatonin into the brain in order to get a deep sleep. Melatonin promotes restorative sleep. Eating raw honey can slightly boost blood sugar, which helps to increase insulin

Raw Honey – Home Remedy for Angular Cheilitis

Are you familiar with the medical term ‘Angular Cheilitis’? One of our customers shared with us that she had this irritating and painful problem, but not a life-threatening condition. It’s more of annoyance than a health concern. Angular Cheilitis is the inflammation caused by fungi or bacteria that leads to the development of cracks and lesions on the corners of the lips and mouth. Other factors could be

Honey-Glazed Chicken Recipe

My very close friend, Shalene of Purplepieces.com, shared her simple recipe of a Honey-Glazed Chicken. I know today and the coming days aren’t the right time to feast on food, but you can try this one on Easter Sunday. Enjoy! Ingredients: 1/2 kilo chicken (for frying) Fried chicken coating mix 1/2 cup honey 1 tsp cinnamon powder dash of cayenne powder 1/4 cup brown sugar 1-2 tbsps soy sauce salt Procedure: Coat