The magic potion – raw honey and apple cider vinegar

Just like pure raw honey, apple cider vinegar has many uses and health benefits. Apple cider vinegar can be used in home-cleaning, prettifying, cooking and body-cleansing. What more if the two healthy ingredients combined? It’s a magic potion, a double dose of protection! Raw honey and apple cider vinegar can help to detoxify our body. According to, our bloodstream tends toward becoming

Health benefits of raw honey and cinnamon

Raw honey alone has many benefits, what more when use it with cinnamon. Both ingredients have antiviral and antibacterial properties, and for centuries, these two nature’s goodness have been used to promote health. Here are some health benefits of pure raw honey and cinnamon – Helps lower cholesterol – Soothes irritated throat from cough – Reduces bad breath – Helps with weight loss &#

TaiTheKnot’s raw honey wedding favors

We are very grateful to be part of the beautiful wedding of Rona Samson and It’s Showtime host, Eric “Eruption” Tai on March 06, 2015. Rona and Eric are very active on social media advocating a healthy lifestyle. We’ve met this lovely couple at the Holiday Madness Bazaar last December as their booth was located close to ours. Since then, we became a part of their fitness journey. A week be